This document aims to establish and regulate the usage guidelines for (hereinafter, “Smartboxfit Website”, understanding the Website as all the pages and their content belonging to Smartfit Gestión, S.L. which are accessed via the domain and its subdomains.

Smartfit Gestión, S.L. aims to offer all the information regarding services, activities, events, training, etc. on this website, providing the users with a knowledge kit about all the areas and activities that correspond to it.

Using this page, as well as the services offered on it, entails the full acceptance without reservation of each and every general condition within this Legal Disclaimer (hereinafter, “General Conditions”), thus, the user must be aware of the importance of reading them when they visit the Website. By accessing this Website, the following General Conditions are implied to be understood and accepted, thus, Smartfit Gestión, S.L. recommends that the user prints or downloads them to read in detail every time that they visit this Website.


In compliance with Article 10 of Law 34/2002 regarding Information Society Services and E-Commerce, it states the following:

The owner of the domain and the Website content is Smartfit Gestión, S.L. registered at Avenida José Gárate, 5. Coslada 28823.

It is registered with Tax No. B87297602 on the Madrid Company Register: Journal 50; Entry 883; Date of submission: 27/05/2015; Entry: 1/2015/64.883.0; Sheet: M-603372 Notary: Antonio José Florit de Carranza

Protocol: 2015/1541 of 26/05/2015


Upon accepting these General Conditions, the user undertakes to use this Website and the services provided therein, in the way that they deem appropriate. The user is obliged to not used the Website, its content and services for illicit purposes and/or purposes contrary to those established in these General Conditions, which damage the rights and/or interests of third parties or which could in any way damage or impede its correct operation or that of the services now offered or which could be offered in the future.


The page is included on this Website. Access to this Website is the sole responsibility of the users. The risks arising from using the Website will be the sole and exclusive responsibility of the user. Smartfit Gestión, S.L. will not be responsible for any potential damage that could arise from interferences, omissions, interruptions, computer viruses, telephone failures or disconnections in the operation of this system, brought on by reasons that are external to these two entities; for delays or blocks on the use of this system caused by deficiencies or overloads of telephone lines on the internet system or other systems in its Data Processing Centre; nor for damage that could be caused by third parties via illegal intrusions that are beyond Smartfit Gestión, S.L.’s control.

Likewise, Smartfit Gestión, S.L. is absolved from any damage that the user may suffer from as a consequence of errors, defects or omissions in the information provided by this Website, whenever it comes from external sources.


The information appearing on this Website is what is valid at the time of the last update. Smartfit Gestión, S.L. reserves the right to update, modify or eliminate the information from this Website, and can also limit or disallow access to it.  Smartfit Gestión, S.L. reserves the faculty to make as many changes or modifications as it deems necessary and can make use of this faculty at any time without prior warning.


Smartfit Gestión, S.L. makes a huge effort to avoid any mistakes in the content appearing on this Website.  Smartfit Gestión, S.L. does not guarantee, nor take responsibility for the consequences that could arise from the errors in content that could potentially appear on this Website provided by third parties.

Smartfit Gestión, S.L. takes absolutely no responsibility for any of the content, marketing actions, products and services that could be viewed via links, if any, either directly or indirectly, on this Website.

Smartfit Gestión, S.L. reserves the right to impede or forbid access to internet users that place any content onto this Website that is against the legal guidelines or that is immoral, and it has the right to exercise the legal measures it deems necessary to avoid this type of conduct.


Smartfit Gestión, S.L. makes the biggest effort to ensure that browsing the page is done in the best way and to avoid any types of damage from taking place therein.

Smartfit Gestión, S.L. does not hold itself responsible for any type of damage which could be caused to the users from using other browsers or versions that differ from the browsers that the Website was designed for.

Smartfit Gestión, S.L., takes no responsibility nor guarantees that the access to this Website will be uninterrupted or free from mistakes. Nor does it take responsibility for or guarantee that the content or software that can be accessed via this Website is free from error or could cause some damage.


Smartfit Gestión, S.L. notifies the users of this Website that it respects the current legislation regarding data protection and therefore adopts the technical and organisational measures that are necessary to avoid the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorised access and theft of the personal data provided, in this case, via the Website, in view of the level of technology, the nature of the information and the risks to which they are exposed.  If by using the services that Smartfit Gestión, S.L. provides on this Website the users must fill out personal information, Smartfit Gestión, S.L. will duly notify the user of their rights and will gather their clear and express consent in order to process their personal data, in accordance with the current legislation on the matter.


Smartfit Gestión, S.L., can use cookies when a user visits its website, whether by its own account or that of a third party contracted to provide measurement services.  Cookies are files sent to the browser via a web server with the aim of registering the user’s activities during their browsing time.

The cookies used by the website are uniquely associated to an anonymous user and their computer and they do not provide personal data about the user by themselves.

By using cookies, the website’s server can recognise the browser being used by the user in order to make browsing simpler; for example, it can allow access to users that have already registered to access areas, services, promotions or competitions that are exclusively reserved for them, without having to register every time they visit the page.  They are also used to measure the audience and traffic parameters, checking progress and the number of visits.

If cookies are not enabled, there is the possibility that some functions or pages do not show correctly.

To delete the cookies on the computer, click on “Help” in the browser’s menu to see the instructions.

The user can also configure their browser to be warned about receiving cookies and to prevent them from being installed on their computer. Please check the instructions and browser manuals for more information.

In order to use this website, the user does not have to allow for cookies sent by the website to be installed, nor does the third party acting in their name, without prejudice to it being necessary for the user to log in as such for all the services requiring registration or credentials.


Smartfit Gestión, S.L. states that, unless indicated otherwise on the Website, the texts, images, illustrations, designs, icons, photos, video segments, sound segments and other material found on the Website and any other intellectual creations and/or scientific or technical inventions or discoveries, regardless of their industrial or business application (collectively known hereinafter as the “Content”) have been created or invented by Smartfit Gestión, S.L., or released, licensed, assigned or authorised to it by its owners and/or assignees.  The user undertakes to not suppress or alter any distinctive sign used on the Website, such as, without being exhaustive, brands, commercial names (images, logos, etc.), the copyright and other identifying data of the rights belonging to Smartfit Gestión, S.L., or third parties included on the Website.

All the rights concerning any works, inventions, discoveries, patents, ideas, concepts, updates and improvements related to the Website, its systems, applications and programmes or to the services that these entities provide, which are created, performed, developed or put into practice for the first time by them, be it alone or with the help of Website users, during or as a result of a design, development or any other task made in accordance with the Contract, are equally the property of Smartfit Gestión, S.L.

The user cannot use the name or brands, symbols, logos or distinctive signs belonging to Smartfit Gestión, S.L., without express, written consent from them.

In the event that a user or third party believes that any of the content on the Website is a violation of the copyrights or other rights concerning intellectual property protection, we ask that you inform us of it at the following address: Smartfit Gestión, S.L. at Avenida José Gárate, 5, 28823, Coslada; E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected against spam robots.  Javascript must be activated in order to view it “> This e-mail address is being protected against spam robots and Javascript must be activated in order to view it.


In accordance with the current legislation regarding personal data protection, we inform you that the personal information provided by the users of this Website via the different forms will be included and processed on one or more files belonging to Smartfit Gestión, S.L., with the aim of managing their application and registering them as clients, as well as keeping them up-to-date about future news and events related to our company, including by electronic means.

The data requested on the different forms marked with an asterisk (*) is what is strictly necessary to provide you with the requested service or to be able to contact the user.

The user guarantees the authenticity of the personal data provided as the sole person responsible for any damage, be it direct or indirect, which they could cause to Smartfit Gestión, S.L. due to filling out the forms with false, inaccurate or incomplete information.

If the user includes personal data about third parties, they must first notify them of what is set forth in this privacy policy as the sole person responsible for providing said information.

Smartfit Gestión, S.L. undertakes to not releasing any personal data provided by the users of this website to third parties or companies without the clear, express and informed consent of those affected.

The users can exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation, limitation to the data processing, opposition and transferability recognised by current law by writing to the data controller cited below, or to the e-mail address: or via the exercise of rights form provided at the aforementioned address.

It is necessary to accept the terms in this privacy policy in order for the request that was made to be sent.

The Data Controller:






Smartfit Gestión, S.L. reports that the personal data provided for use on the social networks can be passed on to the different companies with the SMARTFIT Group.

The users can exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation, limitation to the data processing, opposition and transferability recognised by current law by writing to the data controller cited below, or to the e-mail address: or via the exercise of rights form provided at the aforementioned address.

It is necessary to accept the terms in this privacy policy in order for the request that was made to be sent.

The Data Controller:






The usage guidelines in this Legal Agreement are governed by Spanish Law. Both Smartfit Gestión, S.L. and the users of the Website agree that for any discrepancy that could arise through the interpretation, compliance and/or performance of these regulations, they will be expressly subjected to the jurisdiction of the corresponding Courts and Tribunals in Madrid, specifically renouncing any other jurisdiction that may be applicable to them.

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